CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Parking changes could soon be coming to some public housing sites in the city.

On Monday, July 2, Charlottesville City Council discussed changing parking zoning at Friendship Court, 6th Street, Crescent Halls, and Levy/Avon.

The goal is to reduce the on-site parking requirements so that both the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority and the Piedmont Housing Alliance can decrease costs of parking construction and allow the organizations more flexibility to meet parking demand in the future.

Landowners and developers in Charlottesville could also soon be required to get another permit before they do any blasting on their property.

City Council also looked at a proposed ordinance at its meeting that would require landowners who want to do excavating or demolition work to have a public hearing before any work is done.

The developer would have to provide council with details about the blasting plans and safety measures.

This comes after some neighbors in the Belmont-Carlton area raised concerns about blasting in their neighborhood, as many homes are older and have terracotta pipes that were installed in the 1920s.

“By now, it is extremely fragile, very delicate, and is prone to collapsing at the slightest unnecessary vibration, says James Kelley, who lives in Belmont.

Any permit issued or denied by City Council would be in addition to a permit required by the statewide fire prevention code.

Council waived the second reading, but will discuss this more in the future after doing further research on certain aspects of the blasting process.