CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - City Council says it will draft an ordinance that would make public hearings required before any blasting on construction sites can begin.

This decision stems after many in the Belmont-Carlton neighborhood raised concerns about a developer’s plans.

The fire marshal is reviewing the blasting permit for Belmont Point on Quarry Road, which the developer requested to help get rid of some rocky terrain.

Neighbors who live near the site told councilors they were never made aware that the blasting could happen.

“This developer is asking the nearby property owners and residents to assume the risk of damage to their homes, their health, and their safety without any part of the benefits of the development,” says David Katz, who lives in the area. “There is a high probability of damage to our property and property values all in the name of extra profit for the builder.”

Council will draft the new ordinance and present it at its next meeting on Monday, July 2.