CHARLOTTE, N.C, (WVIR) - Four years ago, Lauren Holtkamp became just the third female to officiate in the NBA

She's the only current women officiating in pro basketball but the league expects to have more in the coming years.

"We have quite a number in the pipeline and Jenna is just an example of the many females that we have who are right on the cusp of getting to the next level," says vice president of NBA referee development George Toliver.

Meet Jenna Schroeder.

She's a former division II basketball player, who began officiating to stay in the game.

"I started off in women's college. I just completed my second year in the G League," says Schroeder.

Schroeder was among the first two female officials to attend this past weekend's NBPA Top 100 Camp that was hosted at John Paul Jones Arena.

"This camp is one of our prime camps in the summer time," says Toliver. "This is our seventh stop on the summer circuit in which we do a lot of training and developing with our referees. Not just our G League and Staff referees but also with the referees who are candidates looking forward to an opportunity to work in the NBA and WNBA."

"We have multiple training sessions that we do in the summer time, so that we can continue to learn and this was a really great atmosphere for that," says Schroeder.

Schroeder says officiating basketball has been a great experience and her ultimate goal is to become an NBA official but she knows it will take a lot of hard work.

"It's a really difficult profession but that's what makes it so great."