CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Testimony is heating up in Charlottesville's federal court where the Fluvanna Women's Correctional Center stands accused of failing to provide inmates with proper medical care.

Thursday, June 14, marks the fourth day of what's expected to be a five-day trial.

This trial also marks the second time the prison has faced legal action when it comes to its health care.

On Thursday afternoon, the jury heard from the correctional center’s medical director as he defended staff members.

The medical director says many employees left following a settlement in 2016. That year, the correctional center was ordered to restructure its healthcare system after a court found inmates were not being treated properly.

The director says staff numbers were so low that the building was without medical personnel on weekends.

He recalled one instance when there was a fire drill that resulted in eight patients having seizures. He says this could’ve been prevented if medical staff were given proper notice of the drill.

The Legal Aid Justice Center, which is representing the plaintiffs, claims three women died within four weeks during the summer of 2017. It says that the loss could have been prevented with better care.

The LAJC is asking on behalf of the women that the judge hold the state in contempt, to enforce the settlement agreement reached in 2016, and to modify that agreement in very specific ways to ensure better care for the women at the prison.

The trial is scheduled to wrap up on Friday, June 15.