CROZET, Va. (WVIR) - He's thrown the most strike outs, made the most starts, pitched the most innings, made the most mound appearances and notched the most elimination game wins ever at Western Albemarle.

It took Derek Domecq four years on the diamond to set those records, but his path to becoming a great high school pitcher began long before that.

"I would say it started when I was little and my dad and I would go to Bunker Park, which is in Fluvanna," says Domecq. "We worked out there every single day."

"He used to come to our camps when he was small and he was one of our managers when he was in the 8th grade," says head coach Skip Hudgins.

As a manager, Domecq had the opportunity to watch Jack Maynard pitch.

Maynard was drafted by the White Sox just last week and is Western's all-time leader in shut outs and ERA.

"It was something I always strived for," says Domecq. Just to kind of be like Jack."

"I think both were very competitive," says Hudgins. "They would fight you tooth and nail for everything that you could get."

Domecq's play on the mound has landed him a division I baseball scholarship at Radford.

It's a program that has won the Big South conference tournament twice in the last four years.

The Highlanders have had 11 pitchers taken in the MLB draft and four in the last four seasons.

"They like the amount of strikes I throw and that I'm able to attack hitters...I know Radford has a total of 28 players who have played in the pros, so the goal is to be like one of those 28."

"I think everyone, when they first get into high school, they think they're a division I player," says Hudgins. "Those are very rare and don't come around very often...if you want to attain that, then you need to do what Derek did or what Jack did."