MENASHA, Wis. (WBAY) - It almost looked like a scene from an action movie as a semi truck, with a crane on the back, tips backwards sending its boom crashing through a home on Doty Island in Menasha.

And while it caused quite a bit of damage, the area that was hit is the garage, so the homeowner knows things could have been much worse.

Debris still litters the side of the home on Riverway that was hit by the boom. The arm so long it not only went through the garage, but it stretched the length of the backyard, hitting the boathouse with a boat and jet ski parked underneath.

Stephanie Jones is the homeowner. She says, "Kind of ruined the summer since it got the boat and the jet skis and we can't even get the boat out yet from underneath."

According to Stephanie Jones, a crew had been working all day to remove two large cottonwood trees when the accident happened around 5 o'clock Tuesday evening. She says, "We heard a bang and we saw the crane up against the house and we thought maybe they were trying to overextend, we didn't know that it was a huge accident, at first, until we went to the backyard and saw the roof damage."

Neighbor, Christine Correll, happened to be in the Jones home when the accident happened. She says, "We talked with, I believe he was the crane operator, and he said he saw his life flash before his eyes because he thought he was going to fly out of the windshield."

Luckily no one was hurt in the accident. And while the boom crashing down did cause significant damage, Stephanie Jones knows how lucky they are adding, "It could have been another part of the house, so all the toys can be fixed."

The crane company as well as the tree removal service declined to comment on the incident.