WAYNESBORO, Va. (WVIR) - A melee on Tuesday, June 5, in Waynesboro sent one man to the hospital and left several others detained by police.

Around 5 p.m., Waynesboro police say they received multiple calls about an incident in the parking lot in front of the Silk Road restaurant in Waynesboro.

According to police, callers reported seeing knives and dispatchers heard what they believed to be gunshots at the scene. Police say about 15-20 individuals were involved in the incident, and a 30-year-old Waynesboro man was taken to Augusta Health with a head injury.

"The altercation began in a hotel room on the second floor of the Days Inn, and from that point the individuals ran down here chasing the one individual that was assaulted until it ended here in the parking lot just in front of The Silk Road,” says Captain Kelly Walker of the Waynesboro Police Department.

Police say they did determine that shots were fired in the air, allegedly to break up the crowd.

The incident remains under investigation.

Waynesboro Police Department Press Release:

Waynesboro Police are investigating an altercation that occurred yesterday afternoon at a local motel which left a 30 year old Waynesboro man injured and led to the detention of several adult male individuals in the initial aftermath.

Officers were called to the Day’s Inn, located at 2060 Rosser Ave., at approximately 5:00 P.M. for a disturbance involving multiple persons. It was reported that at least one individual possessed a knife and that another had fired gun shots. Upon arrival, officers found a 30 year old Waynesboro man bleeding from head wounds lying on the pavement near the parking lot of Silk Road Restaurant.

Additionally, there were approximately 12 -15 other adult males in close proximity to the injured man. Due to the nature of the incident these individuals were ordered to the ground, detained and handcuffed while arriving rescue and fire personnel provided care to the injured man. He was transported by rescue squad to Augusta Health where he was treated and subsequently released late last night.

The investigation, which has involved taking many statements and the collection of physical evidence, is ongoing. However, the preliminary findings are as follows.

Two adult males, who were staying at the Day’s Inn as part of a larger contingent of out of state workers, returned from the work day to their room on the 2nd floor of the motel. These motel guests gained entry to their room and encountered the Waynesboro man that officers found injured upon initial arrival. Upon seeing this unauthorized subject in their room, there was a verbal exchange between them and, ultimately, the intruder brandished a knife.

The workers retreated and the intruder threw an object at them as he began to flee still armed with the knife. The motel guests pursued him, throwing objects at him as he ran on the 2nd floor breezeway. One or more of the objects thrown may have struck him and caused bleeding due to evidence observed in this area of the scene.

The pursuit continued downstairs and through the Days Inn parking lot where the workers were joined by other members of their outfit until the intruder was caught by the group and a further altercation ensued. At some point during this last leg of the chase, and capture, a co – worker, who had exited his own room, joined the group and discharged a handgun several times in the air in an effort to bring a halt to the situation.

Upon inspection of the room where the intruder was first encountered by the occupants, investigators found that the guest’s luggage had been ransacked with items taken out and separated for later removal. In addition, food and drinks that were the property of the occupants in the room had been consumed.

All persons involved in the incident have been positively identified and the Investigation Continues.