CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Twenty-five people from across the country are coming together to help work on dozens of homes this summer.

And to do it, they're making their way across the country on their bicycles.

Bike and Build is a nonprofit group that travels from Yorktown, Virginia, to Portland, Oregon.

It’s a 2,800-mile journey, and the cyclers will be stopping in dozens of cities along the way to help with affordable housing projects.

Jessica Elsiad is one of the 25 people making this trek, and she’s taking her volunteer efforts to new heights.

"It's like a scary, maze ladder that's been a little bit nerve-wracking as we go up and down the scaffolding,” says Elsiad.

The entire trip will be accomplished via bike.

"We had some long days,” says Elsiad. “We had our first day was 80 miles. They all crushed it. So it was really cool to see that, and how strong everyone is physically and mentally."

The Bike and Build riders chose to visit Charlottesville after hearing about the city's Habitat for Humanity projects.

"Today, Sara and I are painting, doing the window trimming," says Elsiad.

The crew is painting and putting in windows for seven homes in Charlottesville’s Lochlyn Hill on Monday, June 4.

"Usually the crews are not as in shape as a bunch of people that are biking cross-country,” says Ken Jollofsky of Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity says teaming up with Bike and Build has been a success.

"It's not a job for them,” says Jollofsky. “It's something they feel really strongly about. Of course, this crew it like that as well."

The Bike and Build volunteers agree that the work has been rewarding.

"It's been awesome,” says Jillian McCalvey, one of the riders. “Actually, installing windows is a lot easier than I thought it would be."

Those with Bike and Build say it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel and put in some good deeds along the way.

"If you ask any of us, it'll sound like we've known each other for ages,” says McCalvey. “So we've really bonded."

The seven homes will be completed by winter.

The Bike and Build riders will hit the road on Tuesday, June 5, for Northern Virginia for their next project