CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - People at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics are weighing in on what voters in the 5th District can expect now that Denver Riggleman is the new Republican nominee.

Even though Leslie Cockburn got a four-week head start on fundraising, political analysts at the Center for Politics say Riggleman is still entering the race as a slight favorite.

Political analyst Geoffrey Skelley says the 5th District tends to lean toward the Republican Party, but adds this race is different than most because people actually don't know much about either candidate.

Skelley says in order to beat Riggleman, Cockburn will need to out-fundraise him. Fundraising is one reason why Riggleman's 2017 campaign for governor was short-lived.

The Center for Politics says there are also several things out of Cockburn's control that will need to happen for her to win.

“She's going to need things like the national environment to really work in her favor,” says Skelley. “There's evidence that it's certainly Democratic-leaning, but is it Democratic-leaning enough to flip a district that Trump carried by 11? Difficult to say at this point."

Skelley adds Cockburn will also need to carry the Charlottesville-Albemarle area by a large majority.

Cockburn has already called Riggleman another Tom Garrett, and the Republican Party has accused Cockburn of being anti-Semitic. The Center for Politics says we're going to see a lot more attacks like these over the next few months.