MADISON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Businesses in Madison County are slowly starting to recover from the recent deadly flooding.

The torrential downpours on Wednesday, May 30, put a damper on one of Graves Mountain Lodge's biggest weekends of the year. Owners of Graves Mountain say ticket sales for the annual bluegrass festival were down more than 40 percent because of the flooding.

While the downpours impacted business, they also damaged several parts of the property.

Water from the Rose River covered the driving bridge, which connects the front field to the main lodge, for most of the weekend, making it difficult to get people around the property.

The downpours also caused a tree to fall down and take out the walking bridge. The water was so strong that the tree ended up down the river near the driving bridge.

Parts of the property are still covered in mud, making the clean-up process a little more difficult.

"We've been through floods before, we've had some festivals where it's rained, we just didn't have any flooding, so you pick up your pieces and you look forward to next year and hopefully we'll have good weather," says Lynn Graves, owner of the lodge.

Graves says rebuilding the walking bridge is a top priority since it's the only other way to access the main lodge when the driving bridge is flooded.

Graves adds that while his family's business was hurt by this crazy weather, he's more concerned about the woman whose life was taken when flood waters swept her away.

He's sending his sympathy to Tasha Hardy's family.