ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Additional resources are expected to be brought in as teams continue their search for a person that was swept away by flood waters last week.

Teams with Albemarle County Fire & Rescue (ACFR) and other specialists, resumed their search along Ivy Creek Monday, June 4.

“You can imagine large trees - probably 36 inches in diameter - have fallen across and entangled in mud and debris, and makes search operations very slow,” said ACFR Chief Dan Eggleston. “We're relying on our experts, who are trained in this type of work to continue to help us search that area.”

Water and ground crews, as well as search dogs and drones have been canvasing the area from Old Ballard Road to the South Fork Rivanna River Reservoir for five days.

Teams are using GPS devices to keep up with search patterns and areas they may have missed.

Rain storms have hindered their efforts, and Monday was the first time they had a full day of sunshine.

“The water level hasn't dropped that much, maybe at 10 inches over the last 24 hours,” Eggleston said. “That needs to come down substantially for us to get into those areas to search thoroughly, so we're hoping that the weather holds out and it continues to drop.”

Flood waters caused Ivy Creek to swell and over the road, washing away two vehicles around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 30.

An elderly couple in a Toyota Prius was carried downstream, while a person in a second vehicle was able to swim to safety.

A body believed to be from the Prius was found Thursday, May 31. The car had been located earlier the same day.

Authorities are not releasing identities until both people are found and family is notified.

There are more than 25 people working 12-hour shifts as they search the area for the missing person, as well as for the car driven by the individual who was rescued.

More crews are expected to come in Tuesday, June 5.

06/04/2018 Release from Albemarle County:

Search and rescue efforts resumed this morning for a person who went missing as a result of a flash flood incident in Albemarle County at Old Ballard Rd and Ivy Creek on the night of Wednesday, May 30.

One individual was rescued on the night of Wednesday, May 30. One victim was found deceased on Thursday, May 31. Crews continue to look for a missing person related to the same event. Continuing rain over the weekend and increased creek depth have made difficult conditions for search and rescue personnel.

Search operations include the use of ground, canine, and boat search teams. Searchers are covering over 7.2 miles of waterway from Old Ballard Rd. crossing to the South Fork Rivanna River Reservoir and the Reservoir itself. Volunteers trained in swift water rescue have provided assistance throughout this search effort.

The search area consists of extremely dangerous terrain and conditions. There are countless downed trees tangled in the waterways and huge piles of vegetative debris. Consequently, local volunteers are not being sought to aid the search effort.

Residents in the area with any information on the missing subject should contact the Emergency Operations Center at (434) 979-INFO or (434) 979-4636.

Look for updates from all regional partners on these social media sites:

Damage Assessment Reports Sought

The Charlottesville-UVA-Albemarle Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will continue taking flood damage reports on Tuesday, June 5 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to make a report, please call 434-971-1263. If your call is not answered, please leave a message and someone will return your call.

Residents are asked to report any storm-related damage that occurred between Wednesday evening, May 30, through Thursday, May 31, 2018.

The Albemarle County Damage Assessment Teams performed over 500 damage assessments in the Ivy area on Friday, June 1, 2018. Although many assessments were completed, people may not have been reached, so it is critical for residents to report any damage to the EOC.

The damage assessment process takes time and requires thorough evaluation and analysis of all the data that will then help officials determine any potential opportunities for government assistance.

Residents reporting damage will need the property owner’s name and phone number; renter’s name and phone number, if renting; property address; if the property is insured and/or renter’s insurance and if there is flood insurance; type of structure.

The EOC, and regional partners, appreciate the public’s patience with the damage assessment process and will provide updates on this process as available.