GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Homeowners in Greene County are returning to their devastated properties on Friday, June 1, as they attempt to pick up the pieces of what's left after Wednesday night's torrential downpour.

Route 33 in Greene County near Swift Run Gap is still closed as Virginia Department of Transportation crews work to clear the mudslide.

A number of secondary roads are shut down as well, and in one neighborhood the only street has completely washed away. A part of Rocky Road in Stanardsville, which connects one subdivision to the rest of the county, was wiped out by the Middle River.

Now, 13 families are cut off from the rest of their community. A further 15 people had to be rescued on Thursday, and their houses have thousands of dollars in damages.

“We woke up about 4 o’clock, the river sounded like a freight train, and noticed that the power was off, and I went into the kitchen and I thought I heard water in the basement and went about three steps down and realized the river was in the basement,” says Shawn Hill, one of the affected homeowners.

One woman says the only way out of the neighborhood is by cutting through her yard. She says she is now fighting with the Homeowners’ Association to get help paying for gravel to put down on the muddy path.

Since Rocky Road is not a designated state or county road, the Homeowners' Association is required to pay to fix it. However, neighbors are worried the association cannot afford it.

They say all the cleanup they are facing could take more than a year to complete.