06/01/2018 Release from the Augusta County Sheriff's Office:

On Sunday evening, May 27, 2018, a deputy with the Sheriff’s Office was looking for Malcolm Sipe III, a 47-year-old Waynesboro resident, regarding an active and outstanding warrant for violating a protective order.

At approximately 0100 on the 28th, the deputy spotted Sipe standing next to a car which was parked on Forgotten Ln. The deputy made contact with Sipe and informed him of the outstanding warrant at which point Sipe began to back away from the deputy. As he did so, the deputy saw a large machete-style knife lying on the ground where Sipe had been standing. The knife was secured in the car Sipe had been standing near, allowing to deputy to take note of several other knives in the car.

After confirming the outstanding warrant Sipe informed the deputy that he would harm himself before going to jail.

Additional deputies were summoned to the scene and a three hour standoff ensued. During the incident, Sipe produced a pocket knife and moved it about his neck as though he were cutting himself. At one point, he advanced toward a deputy and challenged him to shoot him.

In the end, Sipe was taken into custody and transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries and then jailed. He was charged with obstructing justice, resisting arrest, and assault on a law enforcement officer. He was also served with the outstanding warrant.