New UVa Director of Athletics Carla Williams met with reporters on Friday to discuss her first five months on the job.

The main topic of conversation was the UVa football program.

Williams says the program has a structural problem.   She says the University raised about a million dollars in the last few months to help the football program with some immediate needs.

She said one example is hiring two additional strength and conditioning coaches.

 "Having more support staff is huge," says Williams.  "It puts us on more of a level playing field with our competitors, because if you're a four-star recruit, you probably have aspirations of playing in the NFL, and your college experience is your opportunity to do that.  If we don't show recruits that we are committed and invested in our football program, then the messaging is that."

Williams says she's hopeful for the program, saying Bronco Mendenhall is superb.   Williams, who was a player and coach at the University of Georgia, says she's helping Mendenhall in the recruiting process, talking to recruits herself and selling the University of Virginia.

"I talk about the opportunity for a great education," says Williams.  "Some people may thing that's a hurdle, that's too high for Virginia.  I don't believe that.  I think there are great players who are good kids who are good students that we should be attracting to Virginia.   Parents want to hear that their kids will be treated fairly."

Williams' first months on the job including an historic loss by the UVa basketball team, losing to 16-seed UMBC in the NCAA Tournament.

"I was waiting by the lockeroom when they came off the floor, because I wanted to see each one of them, because I've been there I know how it feels," says Williams, who played and coached at the University of Georgia.  "To see Tony's comments after the game, it just further solidifies the fact that wow, what perspective.  And for him to react in the aftermath like that was great for the players.  I wouldn't want to be one of our opponents next year."