FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Three men now know how long they'll spend behind bars for their involvement in a shooting and attempted robbery in Fluvanna County in 2016.

A jury found Blowe guilty of shooting the owner of a private garage on Lake Monticello Road in November 2016.

"These folks came from other areas to try and steal some guns and they came up on the wrong group of citizens…some folks who had their own guns…and unfortunately it was a wild situation. I’m glad everybody is still alive but we do have victims that are still suffering" said Commonwealth’s Attorney Jeff Haislip.

Friday, a judge sentenced Gary Blowe to 42 years in prison.

Thomas Jackson and John Morton Abbitt were also involved in the attempted robbery. Thomas received a sentence of six years and one month.

Abbitt received a lesser sentence of four years because, according to the commonwealth's attorney, he cooperated with police.

"He had essentially no prior record, second because he cooperated with law enforcement authorities right away, was cooperative immediately, cooperative completely, truthfully, and he helped wrap up the investigation, those are both important considerations. said Lloyd Snook, Abbitt’s defense attorney.

A fourth person charged in the case, Dante Givens, will be sentenced on May 25.

Editor's Note: A photo of Gary Blowe is not available at this time.