STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) - The brother of the suspect in the Florida school shooting was in court on Friday, May 11, seeking approval from a judge to relocate to Staunton for a job.

Eighteen-year-old Zachary Cruz was granted approval to move to Virginia where his lawyers say opportunities for a job and education await him.

Cruz needed approval from the judge because he's on probation for six months after trespassing at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School - the site of the deadly shooting where his brother, Nikolas Cruz, allegedly killed 17 people.

Zachary Cruz was offered a job and free housing by Nexus Services in Staunton, which specializes in helping people adjust to life after prison or treatment. In addition to working, he will take classes online to earn his high school diploma. He says this opportunity is a second chance and a blessing.

"He has to report to me everyday; I will probably see him everyday and make sure he's compliant with what the court decides he needs to do," said Nexus Director Terry Anne Johnson. "That's what we do, we make sure our clients are compliant and do everything that the court requires them to do."

Nexus says Cruz will start work on Monday, May 14, as a company maintenance mechanic making $13 an hour. He will also still have a list of probation restrictions while he's working.