CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - As University of Virginia students prepare to walk the lawn in two weeks for graduation, hundreds of students are still scrambling to find extra tickets for the ceremony.

UVA provides each graduating fourth year with six free tickets for Final Exercises, but some students are selling their extra tickets for an average price of $150.

This doesn’t sit well with all students, including fourth-year Joey Michel who expressed his frustration concerning the ticket sales on Facebook.

According to Michel, seeing a loved one graduate from college shouldn’t have a price tag. He argues that students shouldn't be exploiting others' need for something they received for free.

"When I think about my mom, if they weren't able to have my brother and my sister there to see me graduate, [I’d think about] how disappointed they'd feel,” said Michel. “If you're a first generation college student and you want your entire family to see the accomplishment you've had – and you can't do that because you can't pay for a $150 dollar absolutely ridiculously priced ticket, then that is something that you just can't really get back."

Since Michel’s Facebook post, several students have offered up their tickets for free.

Michel is asking those who are still selling their tickets to consider giving them away.