CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - As the city of Charlottesville works to update its comprehensive plan, a social justice group is pushing for equal access to food for all people who live in the city.

In a public teleconference May 3, the Charlottesville Food Justice Network discussed ways it hopes to encourage the city to incorporate food justice into this year's new comprehensive plan.

The group says once food justice initiatives are added, they will become a priority for city leaders.

"The comprehensive planning process is underway, this is an opportunity for the public to comment on what values they have about priorities over the next five years and that's kind of a first step to ... that the city refers to when looking at setting priorities,” said Brooke Ray, International Rescue Committee.

The group is hoping to drum up support from the community.

The city is expected to hold three more public input sessions about the comprehensive plan this month.