Orange County Public Schools Press Release:

The Orange County School Board appointed Dr. Cecil Snead as Superintendent during its called meeting and work session on Monday, April 30. Dr. Snead has served as the Superintendent of Buckingham County Public Schools since 2012. Ms. Sherrie Page, Board Chairman, stated, “After considering many qualified candidates we are pleased to have selected Dr. Snead. We believe that his experiences make him focused and well-suited to lead Orange County Public Schools.”

Dr. Snead, originally from Bedford, VA, graduated from Liberty High School to pursue a mathematics education degree at Virginia Tech. In earning his teaching degree, he combined his love for helping others with his passion for mathematics. He taught mathematics and computer science in Floyd and Montgomery Counties until earning an administrative degree at Radford University. Along his journey he also became an adjunct faculty member of New River Community College, teaching mathematics in the evenings. After obtaining his masters degree, he immediately served in an administrative position as mathematics coordinator in Montgomery County.

Later, Dr. Snead would find himself in Roanoke County for the next fourteen years serving in such roles as assistant principal, principal, and Director of K-12 Instruction, Technology, CTE, and Adult Education. He earned his doctorate from Virginia Tech in 2005 with his dissertation titled: A Meta-Analysis of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Interventions: An Empirical Road to Pragmatic Solutions.

While serving as director in Roanoke County Public Schools, Dr. Snead also became an adjunct faculty member of Radford University teaching leadership preparation courses. Dr. Snead is impassioned about ensuring that all students have the opportunity to be successful. In 2012, Dr. Snead was selected to serve as superintendent for Buckingham County Public Schools where he would stress the need to build capacity for best practices in the areas of instruction, technology, finance, and facilities.

Buckingham County Public Schools earned its inaugural AdvancED district-wide accreditation suggesting that the school system’s procedures and practices are structured and sound for growth and success. Dr. Snead currently serves on the steering committee for the newly founded Small and Rural Schools Coalition while also serving in many other roles that support student education, such as, the UVA K-12 Advisory, the Virginia School Consortium for Learning, and the Virginia High School League.

Dr. Snead boasts a strong and firm family foundation; he gives credit to his family who support the long hours and dedication needed to be a superintendent. He is most proud that all of his children (all girls) are successful products of public schools. All have completed four year universities, with his youngest child currently completing her third year at the University of Virginia in the computer science program.

He has coached junior varsity football, varsity football, and U-12 girls soccer. His wife, Sherrie for whom he credits with giving him much of his strength, recently retired from being a teacher. When Dr. Snead is not working, he enjoys his dogs (Kip and Finn), running, reading, hiking, and traveling with his family.