CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A massive, upscale project along West Main Street in Charlottesville is officially getting underway. 

Developers for 600 West Main plan to bring a mixed-use building to provide new housing and business options for people in the community.

They dubbed it the "not your ordinary" groundbreaking April 24, and that was true.

Those involved with the project broke ground by spray-painting the development's name on the ground where it is to be built. 

"It's something new. It's something innovative. It is the first time I can see that somebody is really listening and taking a quick view of what people are wanting and needing and addressing it," said Ivy Nate Levien, 600 West Main. 
The building is a 65,000 square foot new residential development with 57 rentals.

The six floor building will also have about 4,700 square feet of retail space.

The project will be built around the Blue Moon Diner building and a convenience store, which will also be renovated. 

"I think what's beautiful about this project is it's merging kind of like heritage and the history of Charlottesville along with some forward thinking, progressive thinking if you look at the design of the building," said Jeffrey Levien, 600 West Main.

Construction will start in the next two weeks and the building itself is going up within a few months.

600 West Main is expected to be done by Fall 2019. 

The city of Charlottesville is deeming it the beginning of a revitalization of the West Main corridor

"It's something we like to see. Obviously our population is growing. We're seeing a lot of folks moving here over the past 10 years," said Chris Engle, Charlottesville Economic Development. 

West Main Street is expected to undergo big changes along with this new development. 

The GoWestMain website explains that the priorities include: "better connectivity to and from the surrounding neighborhoods, dedicated bicycle lanes, a diversity of trees and landscape plantings, and opportunities for historic interpretation and social gathering."