ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Some parents are feeling outraged at Albemarle County school leaders over a YouTube video laced with sexual content.

A number of high school students saw the clip as part of a family life curriculum, before the division pulled it and apologized.

Representatives from the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA), showed the video last week at Western Albemarle High School.

"I was incredibly upset and could not understand how it was deemed to be relevant," said Iyana Carter, WAHS Parent. 

Carter's ninth grader was one of the 28 students who saw the video from Laci Green, a self-described sex education teacher, who posts a number of videos online.

Due to the nature of the video, we are unable to include many details, however, a portion of the male pleasure 101 video explains, "that is a very sensitive body part and you don't want to go slapping it around..."

SARA and Western Albemarle partnered five years ago to offer a family life course to students. A school spokesman says their working relationship with SARA is now on hold.

"As the principal who is responsible or what happens in my building, I'm embarrassed. I'm embarrassed that this occurred. I'm upset about it and I know it's been the same way for our kids and our families," said Darah Bonham, WAHS Principal.

Western administrators called parents to inform them of what happened and to talk about concerns.

The head of SARA admits they changed the curriculum this year, but adds that Western's head physical education teacher approved the content on April 2.

In a statement, the head of SARA acknowledges the negative feedback about the content and adds they do not plan to use this particular component of the curriculum. 

SARA has had a 5-year relationship with the health teachers at Western Albemarle High School. As part of this ongoing relationship, each year we provide a lesson on bystander intervention. This year we expanded the curriculum, and this expansion included a video on how to be intimate in a healthy relationship. In advance of the scheduled visit to the school, on April 2nd at 8:34 AM, we emailed the curriculum to the head PE teacher and requested that the content be reviewed and approved.  On April 2nd at 9:29 AM, we received an email approving the curriculum.   As a result, the curriculum was delivered to 2 classes last week at Western Albemarle High School. The school has informed us that they received some negative feedback about the content. We therefore do not plan to continue using this particular component of the overall bystander intervention curriculum.

Laci Green tells NBC29 that teens are already looking at less informative material about sex and that her videos are reviewed by medical professionals.