CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A fundraiser is hoping to showcase some of the best Charlottesville has to offer.

Travis Wilburn has started the Day 4 Days campaign. The area businessman says after the hateful events of last summer, he wanted to show people what the city and Albemarle County has to offer.

"I was sitting recently watching a bunch of different charities pitch for funds and I realized that each one of those charities deserved it So I called up our tourism partners and said, ‘hey, I think I want to do this on a larger scale.’ I want to connect all these local charities and help them out as well," Wilburn said.

By donating money, you will be eligible to win a fun-filled day packed with breweries, wineries and some good tunes.

Wilburn says a new charity will be featured each time. Donations for the May event will support Inheritance of Hope.