CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Virginia freshman Brendan Rivoli and junior Cameron Comer weren't exactly lighting up the stat sheet coming into this past weekend's series against Virginia Tech.

Rivoli was batting just .167, while Comer was batting .194. 

"I don't look at stats," says Comer. "I think that sometimes they can be misleading, but obviously they're a good tool as well, but I try not to look at that stuff."

Stats didn't matter Sunday. In the bottom of the ninth inning, Rivoli and Comer put together back-to-back hits to secure a 6-5 walk-off win over the Hokies as the 'Hoos clinched the ACC series. 

"Its about rising up in key moments, says head coach Brian O'Connor. "[Its about] getting a clutch hit or clutch RBI."

Comer went 4-of-4 on Sunday, while Rivoli went 5-of-11 over the weekend with a single, two doubles, a triple and his first career home run.

Rivoli says, "We got a series sweep against a big rival and that's always a good thing. It feels good to have that personal success but the team success feels a lot better."

The game itself will go down in the record books.

At four hours and 32 minutes, it's the longest nine inning game in Virginia's program history.

"You're not really thinking about that," says Comer. "You're thinking about a million different other things."

"There was probably only a couple, one, two three, innings on either side right," says O'Connor. "There was not many errors and things like that but it was a long one."

It was just the second ACC series win for Virginia.

Coach O'Connor says it was a key victory but also told his team to enjoy the win.

"Everybody around here has been so used to winning at such a high rate, right, and right now at the midway point, that hasn't happened," says O'Connor. "It hasn't come easy for us like maybe it has in some of the previous years, and so that's why I think its so important that they enjoy victory and celebrate it."