GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A public hearing is underway on Thursday, April 5, about construction plans at one of Greene County's busiest intersections.

The Virginia Department of Transportation says the hearing is about safety, but business owners have additional concerns. People attended the hearing to talk about changes that could come to the intersection of routes 29 and 33.

VDOT says it will take everything said Thursday night into consideration for the project as it looks to reduce congestion and accidents at the intersection.

The current proposal would widen Route 33 on both sides by providing two right-turn lanes for traffic heading southbound on Route 29. VDOT also wants to create an additional lane for westbound traffic on 33 crossing 29, as well as bike lanes and a sidewalk.

These are all efforts to reduce traffic at that intersection. But with this wider road comes the possibility that the businesses in the area will have to be torn down.

“There's no way to do the improvements without affecting those buildings,” says Lou Hatter, VDOT’s communications manager. “They're right up on the roadway now, so in order to add an additional lane on the east side of Route 29 it does require that we acquire those buildings.”

All of those business owners have been notified and invited to come out to the hearing Thursday evening to offer their opinions.

If you couldn't make the meeting on April 5, the Virginia Department of Transportation will be taking public comments online until April 15.