NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Hundreds of orange ribbons mark part of the proposed route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) through central Virginia.

A group of anti-pipeline activists tied the ribbons to trees in protest of the natural gas pipeline.

The pipeline could cuts right through Nancy Kassam-Adams' land in Nelson County: “Everywhere you see an orange ribbon would be clear cut,  cut the width of an eight-lane highway. These trees would be clear cut to put in this really unneeded and unnecessary pipeline,” said the landowner.

Kassam-Adams is sending a signal to Dominion Energy that she won't back down: “It’s incredibly upsetting personally to have this impact our property,” she said.

The energy company has already surveyed her land, planning where to cut down trees, something she fought against: “We went to court to try to stop that from happening and we lost,” said Kassam-Adams.

Now she is protesting Dominion Energy's work with the help of other activists.

“It was inspired by watching the ACP folks survey our land and others against our will. And watching them sort of marking this path of destruction that we don't want to have happen. We realized we could sort of surround those markings with our own noise of protest,” Kassam-Adams said.

She teamed up with central Virginia artist Amelia Williams to create the art installation using 500 orange ribbons.

“It’s called the signal to noise, and what it involves is surrounding the orange, plastic surveying tape of the direct path of the pipeline with our own art installation,” said Williams.

The goal is to show how much land would be affected by the pipeline.

“It really helps us to see the sheer destruction that this pipeline would bring to these woods. We have this land and we feel like were stewards of it and want it to stay in its current state,” Kassam-Adams said.

Kassam-Adams says she refuses to negotiate with Dominion Energy, even as other landowners around her begin to do that rather than allowing the company to use eminent domain to take their land.