CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Allen Lynch never retired from kicking.

He just took a really long break.

"Last year, April 1st, no joke, I kicked my first extra point in 40 years, 151 days," says Lynch. "We're looking to see if this is a record for the Guiness Book."

Lynch might hold the record for oldest kicker at any level of football.

The 62 year old wears the number 62 and is playing with guys as much as 30 to 40 years younger than he is.

"Its just a lot of joy to be able to do this at my age," says Lynch. "The comradery with the guys. They all love football, and to be honest, they've all accepted me as a full and complete member of their team."

Virginia Silverbacks coach Jamie Davis met Lynch's wife Tulia, at a work event, which is how Lynch earned a try out, and eventually made the team.

"He [Jamie Davis] asked her [Tulia] if I could could make a 35 yard field goal," says Lynch. "She [Tulia] told him, 'are you kdding' and then he [Jamie Davis] called me."

Lynch's nick name on the team is Stony.

He kicked in both high school and in college at Stony Brook, but the biggest kick of his career didn't come until last year.

"We had a walk-off field goal last May, playing Virginia Beach Rhinos," says Lynch. "With half a second left we were able to kick a 24-yard field goal. I had to kick it twice because they called time out, just before the center snapped the ball. Pandemonium ensued. We had a great game."

Lynch is a professor in the department of politics at UVA. 

His students know he kicks and Lynch says there's a good chance head coach Bronco Mendenhall is aware as well.

"He might because I have Micah Kiser in my class last year. I have a few guys from the football team, I know who played football and they take my classes. Usually, a few every semester."

The 62 year old plans on kicking for the Silverbacks as long as the team is better with him than without him.

"I'm very blessed that I'm still able to do it at this age, and it makes me very aware of each day I have. You never know which kick is going to be your last."