FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - U.S. Senator Tim Kaine brought his re-election campaign to Fluvanna County on Saturday, March 17.

The former Virginia governor and 2016 vice presidential candidate met with Democratic supporters and community members at Cunningham Creek Winery. The event was sponsored by Fluvanna Democrats.

Senator Kaine told the crowd in Fluvanna County that he's running for re-election because he doesn't want to see the Commonwealth move backwards. 

He’s hoping to win over voters in November to help Democrats carry Virginia, similar to how he did so in 2016. 

He believes that the Republicans running against him plan to be a rubber stamp for the Trump Administration. Kaine also touched on the recent school massacre in Florida and says he supports an assaults weapons ban.

Senator Kaine says he's willing to work with President Trump for the good of the nation, but adds he's not afraid to stand up to him. 

“If the President tries to believe I can wage war and I don’t even have to ask congress for permission to do it, I’m going to call him out,” Kaine said. “If he tries to take health insurance away from 30 million people and then when he can’t succeed this way he tries to succeed another way I’m going to do everything I can to stop him."

Senator Kaine plans to use part of the pledge of allegiance --with liberty and justice for all-- throughout his campaign because he says he's dedicated to ensuring all Americans have equal opportunities and access to healthcare and higher education. 

Kaine plans to formally announce his bid for re-election on April 2.