CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A case is underway in Charlottesville Circuit Court on Tuesday, March 13, over the denial of a Freedom of Information Act request related to the events on August 12.

Journalist Natalie Jacobsen requested access to the operation plan Virginia State Police used last year during the Unite the Right rally. She believes she is legally entitled to have this information.

The commonwealth is arguing that state police would be putting troopers’ safety at risk at potential future rally events by releasing this information. It's calling on four witnesses and trying to convince Judge Richard Moore to dismiss the case.

"We are hoping for transparency," says Jacobsen. "That's always been our goal, especially with police response from the day. That's always been our goal, is to help the Charlottesville public see what the plan was."

Jacobsen is not interested in publishing officers' private information, but wants to know how so many people were hurt on August 12. Judge Moore is expected to make a ruling in a couple of weeks.