STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) - School security was a main point on the agenda at Staunton’s school board meeting on Monday, March 12.

The superintendent, operations director, and police chief talked about what they're doing to keep the schools safe.

That includes close to half a million dollars in security upgrades, from better lighting outside to more than 400 cameras linked directly to the city's 911 center. Staunton police are also increasing their presence at the schools.

"Instead of police officers just coming during an emergency, that they'll be coming, just drifting in, you know, stopping in saying hello, how's things going? That way they can get acknowledged face-to-face with people and the children,” says Earl McCray of Staunton Schools Operations.

Staunton Police Chief Jim Williams says no school is immune to tragedy, but they will continue to work to make the schools as safe as possible.