RICHMOND, Va. (WVIR) - Wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for 13 years, Robert Davis is now pleading with state lawmakers to pay up for locking him up.

Davis says he's happy the House of Delegates set aside $600,000 in the budget as reparations.

A Senate Finance Committee approved the idea on Tuesday, February 27, but state Senate leaders have not yet put the money in their version of the upcoming budget.

"We're talking about my life,” says Davis. “It's confusing, like my head’s spinning about it because it should be just - it should happen because I was wrongfully convicted and spent 13 years. I come out to nothing."

Davis received a full pardon in 2016 for his previous conviction in a 2003 double murder case in Crozet. He says he'd like to start a career as an electrician.