CROZET, Va. (WVIR) - Vineyards across central Virginia are getting some hard-earned recognition for their work in the booming wine industry.

King Family Vineyards won the 2018 Governor's Cup Case competition, and other vineyards are being recognized as part of the Governor's Cup Case. Winemakers say the victories are being celebrated across the state as the wine industry continues to grow.

The Governor's Cup recognizes the best wines across the state each year. King Family won this year for its red Bordeaux wine.

"The wine is a 2014 Meritage,” says Matthieu Finot of King Family Vineyards. “So Mertitage is our flagship wine, and last Cup we won was back in 2007 and it was also a Meritage."

He says he is proud the wine business is booming in Virginia.

"I think the region, where we are, and the people that we work with, is very good and I really love that,” says Finot.

Jefferson Vineyards had a 2018 victory, too.

"We won gold medals for our 2015 and 2016 Viognier,” says Chris Ritzcovon of Jefferson Vineyards.

The vineyard prides itself on its consistent work with the white wine.

"Viognier is Virginia's state grape,” says Ritzcovon. “It's a grape that does very well here with our climate. It makes very floral, very tropical flavored wines. That's apricot flavors, peach flavors."

Ritzcovon says getting a spot in the Governor's Case is the highest honor.

"As a wine maker, this is what we look for,” says Ritzcovon. “This is the most prominent Virginia wine competition in the state."

He says the most rewarding part is seeing winemakers in central Virginia get recognized for their hard work.

"If one of us succeeds, we all succeed,” says Ritzcovon.

Other medal winners making it into the Governor's Cup Case include Barboursville Vineyards, Early Mountain Vineyards, and Veritas Vineyards and Winery.