FISHERSVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Augusta Health will re-open its renovated Shenandoah House this week, which will feature a number of upgrades to make end-of-life care more comfortable for patients. 

Augusta Health says it has around 150 hospice patients in its care network.

“People feel more at home and you know they’re more themselves, more receptive to care here,” Clinical Coordinator Joey Mooneyham said.

This newly upgraded facility is set to help a handful of them live their final days in a comfortable, home-like environment. The four-bed house has been a senior care facility since it opened in 2008, but the healthcare provider is seeing an increased need for hospice care.

 “We found out that these patients were requiring a higher level of care and they needed to have more of a hospice facility level of care, so that's why we decided to go and reconstruct the Shenandoah House and turn it into a hospice facility,” Tamara Irby, Shenandoah House Director of Hospice said.

The upgrades include a new drug administration system tied to the hospital.

“All of our medications are in an electronic system that’s tied into the pharmacy electronically so we can stock anything that the patient needs here in the house,” Mooneyham said.

The facility says the process for dispensing medication is now much safer thanks to a barcode system. 

The armbands of patients are scanned when medications are taken out and the system will alert medical personnel if the medication does not align with the patient’s armband. This serves as a preventative measure as it won’t allow the incorrect medications to be dispensed to the wrong patient.

Administrators say they are excited to re-open and welcome patients this week to their location, which sits on the Augusta Health campus in Fishersville, Va.