ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Police are investigating racist vandalism and graffiti found on vehicles in the town of Orange.

Neighbors tell NBC29 the vandals struck around 11:30 February 24 along Washington Street.

The vandalism included a message using the "N" word, which was spray-painted on an SUV.

Shante Terry, whose father's car was vandalized, says this is a neighborhood where everyone knows each other and many have lived here for 20 years or longer.

“They're disgusted, they can't believe it, you know we live in, this is Orange County, you don't see things like this happen … So this is, everyone is just, they want to know who did it and they want them to be caught,” said Terry. 

Orange police say vandals damaged seven vehicles and sidewalks.

Anyone with information about this is urged to call town police at 540-672-1234.