CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville wants to help black men change the narrative on how they are viewed in culture.

Tuesday night, the city approved using $10,000 of grant money from Bama Works Fund to partner with Light House Studio and make a film.

The grant money will go towards film training and using equipment and software at Lighthouse Studio.

The city has an entire department for Black Male Achievement. This project is coming out of that office in an effort to help young men see themselves more positively represented.

They will work to show pillars of Black Male Achievement. They will do that by interviewing people in positions around the city that represent what they should  be seeing as opposed to what they often do see.

“They're seeing themselves portrayed as really just criminals or thugs or people that aren’t doing anything with their lives. They're people that are maybe gang-banging or the people who have options that are going to be successful are options that are working as a rap artist or being and throwing a ball,” said Daniel Fairley, youth opportunity coordinator.

Community Attention Youth Internship Program is helping to find and choose the boys that will participate.

It’s a 10-week, paid project.

At the end of the project, this group is hoping to have the film showcase at the end of the summer so people can see the new narrative the young men decided to establish.