CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - People are taking to the streets to send a message to their lawmakers about health care.

Virginia Organizing - along with Indivisible Charlottesville and other groups - held a Medicaid expansion rally on University Avenue, near the University of Virginia Rotunda, on Thursday, February 8.

People held signs asking for health care for all, and urging those driving by to call their representatives.

A social worker in attendance says many low-income families have to put their health on the back burner because of their lack of coverage.

“It becomes a choice," says Ken Horne, a social worker. "If you have a very limited amount of money, then you have to decide what to spend it on and that could be food for your children, that could be your rent, that could be utilities to keep the heat on in the winter, or, you know, a medical procedure or medication. And I just think it's unfair and inhumane to put people in that kind of a situation."

A recent survey by the Wason Center for Public Policy shows that while a majority of Virginia voters support full expansion, most Republican voters do not