Nexus Services Media Release:

All Nexus Services, Inc. employees will receive a 5% raise, starting in January 2018, CEO Mike Donovan announced today. Also, Nexus unveiled plans to hire another 200 workers over the course of 2018 – doubling the size of Nexus Services, Inc. workforce nationwide. Many of the new jobs will be created in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and other jobs will be in San Juan (Puerto Rico), Hackensack (NJ), Ontario (CA) and other sites nationwide. 

“Nexus is reinvesting in the job-starved regions of Virginia, Puerto Rico, California, New Jersey and elsewhere. And we are creating new jobs in the very places where jobs are the hardest to find, not simply adding more jobs to a handful of wealthy counties like Fairfax (Virginia) and San Jose (California). That’s what we call corporate social responsibility,” Donovan said.

The 5% boost in pay will come on top of the increased take home pay that workers will enjoy due to lower Federal income tax rates for individuals.

The more than 200 new jobs Nexus plans to create over the next 12 months will each have a “living wage” and provide full benefits including, health, dental, vision, and retirement plans.

A combination of an improved business outlook for 2018 and tax reform by Congress has enabled Nexus Services, Inc. to make these generous changes.  

“While the tax reduction for individuals are not that substantial, we at Nexus thought that we could share the gains from the deep corporate tax cuts with our both current employees and our new hires,” Donovan said.