CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A new petition calls on Charlottesville to get rid of its downtown parking meters.

Charlottesville has been trying out the meters as part of a six-month pilot program, which launched on September 5. The city paid roughly $50,000 for the meter system, which reportedly earned around $18,000 during its first month of operation.

According to the anonymous person who posted the online petition, "Plain and simple we do not need them. There are parking garages for those who plan to be at the [Downtown Mall] for a long time and can afford the time to get their tickets stamped. Let's band together and let the [City of Charlottesville] know the pilot was a failure."

So far, over 400 people have signed the petition.

The program covers more than 100 on-street parking spots in a 12-block area along Market Street - between East 7th Street and Old Preston - and Water Street - between East 5th Street and West 2nd Street.

The pilot program goes until March 5, 2018. Upon its completion, Charlottesville will study data along with the results of a city-wide survey to determine if any of the changes should be reversed.

12/15/2017 Release from the Blue Ridge Group:

Charlottesville residents, business owners, and visitors to Downtown have contributed to an online petition to “Get Rid of Downtown Charlottesville Parking Meters”.

As of Friday, December 15, 2017 the petition has reached 375 signatures.

Petitioners criticize the parking meters for discouraging commerce and creating frustrations among those who patronize the mall frequently, citing additional physical limitations and costs. Any and all who agree with the petition’s statement that the City’s parking meter pilot program is a failure are being encouraged to add their signature.