ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Students at the University of Virginia are honoring the work of the commonwealth’s outgoing first lady, Dorothy McAuliffe.

The Morven Food Lab at Morven Farm is honoring McAuliffe's dedication to agriculture and sustainability.

Right now, the food lab looks a little bit more like a shed. However plans are in motion to make it a place that will serve the food needs across the region.

Over 200 student volunteers run the kitchen garden at Morven Farm. They had an idea to put the property's storage facility to use and felt creating a food lab would best serve the needs of the community.

The lab will grow and harvest locally sourced food, and hopefully partner with local organizations to support food sustainability projects.

The program director envisions the space continually evolving with the needs of central Virginia.

“If you think about Hewlett-Packard, they started in a garage. So this is basically a garage that one day hopefully will be something a lot more exciting,” said Morven Farm Program Director Stewart Gamage.

The space honors McAuliffe's work during her time as first lady to eliminate childhood hunger, develop local agriculture and support access to nutritious food.

These are just some of the ways the program director envisions the food lab will be used.

The program is looking for architects in the area and at the university to help design the space.

They say stay tuned for those concepts coming this spring.