CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville City Council is figuring out how it can enact change following the violence that occurred on August 12. One of council’s recommendations looks to restrict weapons in public spaces.

Every year, localities like Charlottesville send a list of priorities to state representatives. This year, the bills council wants to see move forward mostly revolve around the violent acts that took place over the summer.

At its meeting Monday night, council adopted two bills it wants the General Assembly to see in 2018.

One bill gives localities more control over weapons in public spaces and prevents the use of certain types of semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and torches used for intimidation.

Councilor Bob Fenwick says that since we lost three lives on August 12, council needs to make sure it has the resources to make events like the Unite the Right rally never happen again.

"One of the biggest problems around town that I have heard and I have felt, ‘how can these people get away with this? Where are the laws that they are using against us? Where are the laws to protect us?’ So that’s really why everything is revolving around what happened,” says Fenwick.

The other bill gives council complete authority to make decisions on what to do with Confederate monuments like the Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson statues.

From here, the bills will be passed on to 57th District Delegate David Toscano and 58th District Delegate Rob Bell. They then have the option to sponsor them in the General Assembly in 2018.