CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The University of Virginia is one step closer to owning Brandon Avenue. The Charlottesville Planning Commission has approved a motion that would build a model “student green community.”

The commission says the plans for UVA to own Brandon Avenue and redevelopment is in line with the city's 2013 comprehensive plan

Tuesday night, UVA presented what they want Brandon Avenue to look like. Right now, the city of Charlottesville owns the road but with this motion, UVA would own it instead.

It would be a mixed use “green space” for academic facilities, health services and student housing for upperclassmen. There would be green space in the middle of the road and a path for cars to go in a one-way direction.

“I think it's a great opportunity for the city to have the university put their talent and resources to work to create a place that we might all want to visit from time to time,” said Kurt Keesecker of the Charlottesville Planning Commission.

Although the commission has approved the motion, it does want to add an on street narrative to show that at one point the street was owned by the city.

UVA’s plan for Brandon Avenue would have 300 beds for upperclassmen with potential for more. Charlottesville City Council will consider the application on Dec. 4.