CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - University of Virginia’s student council is calling on colleges across the country to denounce hate and “alt-right” groups in response to events that have taken place in Charlottesville.

Student Council livestreamed its statement on Facebook on Sunday, November 12, explaining that hate has no place at the university.

The group purposefully scheduled this announcement on the three-month anniversary of the Unite the Right rally, and had 50 other schools join the livestream.

“What I wanted it to do was to energize and galvanize people my age across the country and say ‘we have a voice in this,’” says Sarah Kenny, president of UVA’s student council. “We can make a change, and going into the workforce this is what we're gonna stand for."

Kenny says the group wanted to make a statement to address the pain and suffering at the university first before reaching out to the nation.