CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A group is seeking to recall all current members of the Charlottesville City Council.

Pat Spicer Napoleon with RISE Charlottesville held a news conference in front of City Hall Thursday, October 26, to announce recall petitions for Mayor Mike Signer, Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy, and councilors Kristin Szakos, Kathy Galvin, and Bob Fenwick.

“I think we have to heal from within. And I think people are frustrated, and I would like to bring people together. I do not condone violence. I think people should have civil discussion, and I think that's where we begin," she said.

They need more than 1,000 signatures on each petition.

It should be noted that Fenwick and Szakos are already leaving City Council at the end of the year; Fenwick lost in the Democratic Primary, and Szakos decided to not run again.

In a statement to NBC29, Fenwick said, "I don’t know anything about RISE, but I encourage an open, respectful and honest discussion about current affairs and discussion means talking and listening and considering. The city will be better for it."

Six people are currently on the Election Day ballot for those two seats on Charlottesville City Council.

RISE Charlottesville says it's a nonpartisan group of citizens concerned about the future of the city.