CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority (CRHA) manages nearly 400 homes for low income families across the city.

The board responsible for those units toured some of the properties to see what needs to be improvement.

At the South First Street Apartments, the outside of the units look fine, but once you walk inside there are clothes, trash, and food still left in some cabinets. 

CRHA, along with habitat for humanity, and the public housing association got a good look at just how bad some of these units are.

CRHA’s goal is to rehab about 20 units at South First Street, Westhaven and Sixth Street apartments. 

"It will be a lot of interior work involved, primarily all interior work. There will be sheet rock work, some structural work to be done by licensed contractors, there will be some flooring, tiling, some cabinetry work needs to be done on the project as well,” said Grant Duffield, CRHA executive director. 

CRHA has budgeted around $200,000 for the project.

The money is coming from the CRHA capital fund as well as funding that's been made available by city council.

CRHA hopes to start working on the units at south First Street, Westhaven and Sixth Street within the next 30 days.