CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Two plaques with ties to confederate history are off the University of Virginia’s Rotunda.

Employees in UVA’s Division of Facilities Management took down two plaques that commemorated the lives of fallen Confederate soldiers with ties to the university. 

Crews arrived at the Rotunda just after 6 a.m. on September 17. Two university police officers were on hand as a precaution.

Several students at UVA feel the administration heard their voices and acted on their request.

 “I definitely feel that it was a good decision they made, to take down the plaques,” said Deebii Duguma, UVA student. 

“I think that putting these plaques and these statues maybe in museums, maybe devoting more class time towards teaching students about the events that took place here, that would be more beneficial in ensuring that the history part is upheld but that were not celebrating these abhorrent parts of history,” said Jada Wright, student. 

On September 15, the University of Virginia Board of Visitors approved the removal, but did not announce what it will do with the plaques. They did not announce what will fill the empty space on the Rotunda.

“They walk by and see those big empty spots and it’s a great way to start conversation, which I think is really important about the Confederate plaques and the events that took place at this university and the history of this university that sometimes is flawed and sometimes isn’t necessarily what we want to hear,” said Wright.

The crew that removed the plaques took them inside the Rotunda after taking them down. 

The board of visitors has tasked the Deans working group, which presented the resolution to remove the markers, with deciding the fate of the plaques and what will go in their place. That process is ongoing.