CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The University of Virginia Board of Visitors voted on a list of demands presented by student activists.

The president of the Black Student Alliance presented the demands to the board on Friday, September 15.

The list of 12 demands was prepared by nearly 70 students from multiple groups.

Among the demands is a call for administrators to add context to Jefferson's legacy.

Some students, faculty, and community members shrouded that statue on the night of Tuesday, September 12, as a demonstration to the university that they are dissatisfied with Jefferson's portrayal and UVA's inclusivity.

President Sullivan issues a statement saying she strongly disagrees with the demonstrators' actions, but recognizes there is more work to be done to make the school more inclusive.

Student protesters say they are not satisfied with Sullivan's response and they will only be satisfied if their demands are taken seriously.

The board of visitors announced three resolutions that it passed this afternoon.

All three accepted resolutions were presented by a working group led by Dean Risa Goluboff.

The board voted to ban open flames on the university and to recognize outdoor areas of the university as official university facilities.

That makes it easier for police to enforce weapons bans when confronted with an event like the torch-lit rally held by white activists on August 11.

Members also unanimously agreed to remove Confederate plaques from the Rotunda.

"We felt having those plaques there in their current form was a barrier to recruiting talent that we need and a barrier to having the moral authority to ultimately deal with the fundamental issues that we want to deal with going forward in the third century," says Frank "Rusty" Conner, the university rector.

The same working group that recommended removing the plaques will now work to figure out where to relocate those markers.

Board of visitors student member Bryanna Miller thanked the board for voting to remove the plaques, saying she will be in the first class not having to walk past them on graduation day.

The full resolutions have been attached below.