CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Some NBC29 viewers have reached out about an incident at Charlottesville's City Council meeting that took place on the evening of Tuesday, September 5.

At issue is Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy's actions during a public comment period when one commenter gave his thoughts on compromise when it comes to the Robert E. Lee statue.  The commenter was walking away when Bellamy addressed him.

"Hey, you left your hat and when you take that hat, take your compromise with you,” Bellamy said to the commenter. “See you later."

Over applause from some attending the meeting, Councilor Kristin Szakos replied, "Mr. Bellamy...Mr. Bellamy...Mr. Bellamy...Mr. Bellamy and everyone here, we are here to hear all voices, whether we agree with them or not."

Bellamy would not directly comment to NBC29 on Thursday, but he did post on Facebook saying "I'm tired of 'compromising,' I'm tired of 'meeting in the middle...'" See Bellamy's full Facebook post below.

Watch the full council meeting here. The commenter's remarks begin at 1:10:13, and Bellamy's remarks are at 1:12:06.