CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Some University of Virginia students are raising concerns about Confederate markers around the university.

UVA's Black Student Alliance is asking the student council to remove them.

Two plaques hang on either end of the lawn-side entrance to the Rotunda. A large statue commemorating Confederate soldiers who died in battle stands at the center of a graveyard.

Wes Gobar, president of the Black Student Alliance, has been outspoken about this issue. In a March 2017 opinion piece in the Cavalier Daily, Gobar writes the plaques should be moved to a less central location because they send an unwelcoming message.

Frank Dukes, a fellow at the UVA School of Architecture, questions why Union soldiers aren’t recognized.

“Undoubtedly, there are actually university students and graduates who fought on the side of the North who aren’t commemorated and why not?” said Dukes. “And is that something that's possible, too? I think it stands in the same area as a commemoration as those who died in World War II and to equate the service of the Confederacy to World War II does dishonor to the veterans of World War II.”

In an official statement, the University of Virginia acknowledged that controversy has been part of its history and it continues to strive to learn from it and improve its current environment through open and constructive dialogue.