CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Heather Heyer's mother, Susan Bro, says she will not speak with President Donald Trump.

The news comes as Heyer's family is working very hard to establish a foundation in her name.

Bro wants to build a legacy for her daughter, more than just sayings scribbled with chalk, flowers and candles, at the site of Saturday's car attack.

Bro says they are working out details to establish a foundation in Heyer's name. But it was what Bro told “Good Morning America” that's making headlines.

She said she initially missed the first few calls to her from the White House, including one that came during Wednesday's memorial service at the Paramount Theater.

Now she says she won't speak to the president.

"It's not that I saw somebody else's tweets about him.  I saw an actual clip with him at a press conference equating the protesters like Ms. Heyer with the KKK and white supremacists,” Bro said.

Heyer was killed and 19 others were injured when a driver rammed a car into a crowd of demonstrators last Saturday near 4th Street and Water Street.

The family tells NBC29 they are still working out the details and paperwork on the foundation and more news will be coming out about all that hopefully next week.