CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Two families in Charlottesville took some time out of their day to spread some positivity.
The Soler and Heaps families brought some flowers to the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville to hand them to people as they were passing by.
“The weekend was horrible and almost  embarrassing for Charlottesville and you want to do something to help and figure out how you can help. And we want people to be happier, everyone was miserable on social media, you saw it on everywhere...everyone's faces, so  flowers make people happy and why not,” said Angie Heaps. 
“It’s really fun and we just want to make people happy and its nice to be with our friends and make people happy,” said Ava Soler. 
Heaps was also holding a sign that read, "I love you Cville...take a flower."