CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A simple symbol of love is covering windows of businesses in Charlottesville and replacing profile photos on social media.

The storefront of the shop owner who designed it looks directly out on the scene of Saturday’s car attack.

People continue to bring flowers and signs to add to the memorial to Heather Heyer on 4th street, where the incident occurred. 

Rock paper scissors co-owner Dani Antol says she sat down to design the teal "C-ville" heart while watching the violence unfold following Saturday’s alt-right rally.
She posted it to the store's Facebook page and printed off posters with the symbol.
Businesses all along the Downtown Mall have put up the posters in their windows.

Antol and the store's co-owner say they hope the c-ville heart brings the community together.

“Blue and green represented unity, and kind of life and harmony, and all those colors mixed together made this kind of teal image,” said Dani Antol, Rock Paper Scissors Co-Owner

 “I think after seeing the devastating images on Saturday, people picked up on this heart that was just full of love and meant as a very simple symbol of support for our lovely little town,” said Heather Haynie, Rock Paper Scissors Co-Owner. 

Rock Paper Scissors has a stack of posters available for businesses to put up.